Hi my Friends and Neighbors!


Can you believe this beautiful weather?

I hope you all have a chance to leave the interior and see the amazing colors.


How about that political weather? Don’t let opposing views harm the relationships in your neighborhood.


Look past the “yard sign” to rake a little further past the boundary.

See a woodpecker on the Smith’s house?

Tell them.

Papers building up as the Jones are out of town? Put them out of site.


Remember that your neighbors are part of the community that you chose.

Where we live and the people around us matter in both the small and big picture of our home life.

Be neighborly. 


If a home on the block starts to be neglected, or if you know a house that seems abandoned, I can help you find the owner.


Homes are my business but people are my priority.


Enjoy Autumn!


I am so honored by your business and referrals.


I have the BEST clients EVER!!


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Pumpkin Time!

October is a wonderful month. Even if I do get older when it arrives…

Full Moon, pumpkin spice, glorious colors, smell of burning wood and fall festivals.

If you participate in Halloween festivities, be safe.

If greeting trick or treaters, be sure your sidewalk and porch are well lit.

The pumpkins above are a creative way to light the way.

Health & Fitness

How did we do through the summer? Were you able to eat fresh fruit and veggies? Get outside to play?

We don’t need sunshine to get out and move around.


Do you love music?

I do. It makes me move and keep moving when I hear my favorite songs.

So…DANCE. Shake. Wiggle. Giggle.


Drink water.


Concerning information for Home Buyers and Sellers

Days to close a transaction are drastically longer than last year.

Everyone is being affected by the lack of available appraisers in Colorado.

Appraisals are taking from 3 to 5 weeks to be completed.

home-inspection-magnifying-glassConventional loans closed in 43.2 days last month FHA loans- 43.2 days last month.

VA loans closed in 39.9 days in 2015 compared to 49.5 last month, a change of 24.1%

VA appraisals are only scheduled on Mondays and cannot be rushed or adjusted for any timelines on contracts.

Please call me with any questions as to how this may affect you or anyone you know either in a contract or considering buying or selling.

Free Colorado Fall Activities

Remember to put these FREE Colorado events on your calendar!

Life flies by, especially during the holidays. Make a plan and create memories!

Fall Biking
Is Biking your thing? Find the best Colorado fall bike rides

Denver Zombie Crawl
Oct. 22, 2016 
Downtown Denver 
The Denver Zombie Crawl holds the Guinness World Record for the largest zombie event. That’s a lot of undead Denverites! You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you’ll come to appreciate all the creativity that exists in Denver – at least in the underground world of the undead.

Find a complete list of FREE FUN Fall Activities

Fall Ready Homes

It’s time to get your house ready for the cooler temperatures. A little maintenance now prevents BIG issues in the Spring and saves you money on heating costs.

Start on the exterior before our first major frost or even snow!

  • Sprinker Line Clearing

The companies that do this get overwhelmed as soon as the first frosty evening happens. Schedule now.

Our weather has been warm enough to warrant watering the bushes and plants that haven’t begun to hybernate.

  • Clear the Roof Gutters

After leaves have fallen, clear debris out the gutters and downspouts, flush them with water, inspect joints, and tighten brackets if necessary. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice dams. Replace old or damaged gutters with new ones that have built-in leaf guards.


  • Roof Inspection
  • Have a professional out to inspect the shingles if your roof is older than a few years or if you had strong spring/summer storms with wind and hail.

  • Check Windows & Doorways
  • Cracks or missing caulk can make a big difference. Stop the draft. Stop the moisture.

  • Driveway cracks
  • Clear the cracks then use driveway filler and a concrete sealer. You can easily prevent the major lines from widening with water and ice expansion.

    And don’t forget about the interior of your home…

  • Change the Furnace Filter
  • So easy! A good filter will cost between $10 – $20. If you have allergies, a good duct cleaning will help you breathe better.

  • Caulk or Seal Windows
  • If you don’t have new windows in the budget or the northern glass cools the room, get the clear weather film that can be applied with a blow dryer.

  • Have the Furnace cleaned and Serviced
  • Average cost $150

  • Clean out the Fireplace
  • A clogged chimney poses the risk of a chimney fire, which can be ignited by burning creosote-a combination of wood tar, organic vapors and moisture buildup.

  • Weather Strip the Doors and Garage
  • Keep those heating costs down! Weather stripping is your friend during these Colorado winters.

    Call me if you need professional recommendations.

    Stay warm,

    Robin Wood